Whiteboard Grace

Down through the ages, from Pascal’s "Pensees", Franklin’s "Poor Richard’s Almanac", Voltaire’s "Dictionary" to Buechner’s "Wishful Thinking" and Kathleen Norris’ "Amazing Grace", writers have offered words and phrases that speak to and encapsulate faith.

With that long and good history of using significant words to describe and enhance faith, we’re doing something new over the next several months. Instead of preaching from the lectionary, Gordon has been gathering words from the Bible and our faith that every disciple needs to know. So, every Sunday’s sermon will be on a new word.

To add to the conversation and reflection on each week’s word, a “word wall” will be present in the narthex.

Throughout the week, visitors are invited to leave a reflection or thought on the word for the week. Through “White Board Grace,” we’ll create a weekly congregational devotional.

This week's word: COVENANT