Stewardship in All Times

Watch and listen to how God is calling each of us, even in these uncertain times


Please click on the YouTube links below:

Our Director of Christian Formation, Sandra Bottoms, shares her experience with stewardship, and how what we do today -- how we share our gifts today -- is an investment and a legacy for the future.


Chester Presbyterian Church Stewards on this Corner. Cliff Noe and Gordon Mapes share Grace Cafe's story.


Jonathan Durkovic, CPC Director of Music shares his feelings on stewardship.

Listen as Frank tells his story of serving Chester Presbyterian Church and the Chester community.

Sharon Entwistle shares her stewardship story at Chester Presbyterian Church. Come worship witih us each Sunday. Thank you for your kind stewardship in time and donations


You are invited to listen to D.T. Wood's stewardship story at Chester Presbyterian Church.