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laughter, psalms, chester presbyterian church

Two fellas were out in a boat fishing last Sunday morning. They were not having too much luck. One of them got to thinking about what they were doing and said, “I feel bad being out here fishing when I ought to be in church.”  “Yes, I know how you feel,” the other said. “but I could not have gone anyway. My wife is sick.” 
If all the people who sleep in church were laid end to end, they’d be more comfortable. 
A mother and her son, who weren’t regular churchgoers, went to a new church for Sunday morning worship. On their way home the mother asked her son what he thought of the service. “Well, I liked the music, but I thought the commercial was too long.” 
Did I get you to chuckle? Maybe crack a smile? The Psalmist tells us that when the Lord restored the fortunes of the people, their mouths were “filled with laughter, and our tongues with shouts of joy.” (Psalm 126:2) Laughter is our word for the week. From Abraham and Sarah pealing with laughs at the thought of old age parenting, to the philosopher of Ecclesiastes noting there is a time to laugh and a time to weep, scripture says laughter should be as much a part of the human condition as we know suffering and sadness can be. God wants us to be joyful and to find happiness. Laughter is closely tied to joy because the feeling of joy can promote laughter.  
As a boy I always read the true life stories in Reader’s Digest. Before those, however, I would read the jokes in the “Laughter is the Best medicine” section. The thought may be a bit of hyperbole, but it is attested that laughter releases stress, improves your mood, boosts immunity and can even relieve pain. Scripture has much to say about joy and laughter.  
If you didn’t laugh at the jokes I shared today, find something else to laugh about today, and enjoy the grace of laughter in God’s sight. Then join us in worship Sunday as we explore Psalm 126 and celebrate God providing us with the ability to Laugh. 
Don’t forget, Sunday night is the annual Bluegrass Eucharist and Ice Cream social starting at 6PM. Last year’s favorite, The Vassar Family Singers will be back with us to share their musical gifts. 
Shalom, Gordon