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May 9, 2017
mother's day, women, prayer

This Week at Chester Presbyterian Church - Peace and Joy to You! 

In celebration of all the women who have offered to be mothers, mentors, guides, leaders, encouragers, role models in our lives, this devotion is adapted from the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving offered during the 2017 Presbyterian Women’s Spring Gathering: 

May 4, 2017
sunrise he is risen

I have mentioned before that my grandmother was infamous for striking up conversations with total strangers. On trips to amusement parks, it was a family game to bet on how many folks she would be talking with when we returned from a ride to her bench. This trait of hers came to mind the other day when a story popped up on my Facebook feed. The headline indicated that a study had proven that it is never all right to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. I thought, Oh no! My grandmother was guilty of breaking social rules for years.