DT Wood

Property Chair

Class of 2020

DT has been a member of Chester Presbyterian Church for 27 years. He has been involved in Property, Strengthening and Fellowship, Finance, and Children’s Ministry (Youth group and Christian Ed). He is currently the chair of the Property committee.

DT is married to Jana, who is a preschool teacher at CPC. They have 3 daughters; Kaleigh, Tori, and Kristina.  Kaleigh is finishing up her graduate degree in Physical Therapy at ODU.  Tori has just started the nursing program at John Tyler.  Kristina is a sophomore at the regional high school, Code RVA.

A Mechanical Engineer, DT works as the Maintenance and Reliability Manager for WestRock and has been with them for a little over a year.  Prior to WestRock, he spent 29+ years at Honeywell in various engineering and management roles.

DT likes to play many sports - golf, bowling, Volleyball, and pickleball to name a few.  He even played on the church softball team many years ago!  DT likes to do basic woodwork and fix things. Preferably, he enjoys fixing and redesigning so that failure does not occur again.  That’s probably why he is attracted to maintenance and equipment reliability at work, church, and home.

Not sure what his best talents are, DT likes to think they are bringing people together to troubleshoot unique problems and develop sustainable solutions.  Jokingly, he says “I’m never the smartest person in the room!  I’m the person that asks the ‘dumb questions’ to get the smart people talking and the creative solutions developing”!!